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"Communication Studies," Jeff, Annie, PG 
1st-Jan-2010 10:36 pm
han# hannibalabigail - hold on tight
title - communication studies
rating - pg
characters - jeff, annie, shirley & abed
spoilers - through 1.09 "debate 109"
summary - and then she's there, tiny hand already on the cold metal handle, in that magical way she has of being in front of him when he'd least like her to be.
disclaimer - i don't own anything, and at this moment, i am pretty thrilled with the job dan harmon and his buddies at nbc are doing. so keep up the good work, and hopefully i will continued to be amused.
author's note - so.... it's been almost nine months since i've finished any fic (i've written some, but never ones with endings), so if that bit is rough, i apologize in advance

kinetic (adj.) - moving

She's a blur of brown hair and plaid scarf on the other side of the quad, and since he ran out of coffee that morning he's not sure that he's really that fond of meeting her, big green eyes and tears, before he's four shots of espresso down.


He's four steps from the cafeteria and the bliss of a triple shot espresso.

"Jeff! Wait up!"

Two steps.

And then she's there, tiny hand already on the cold metal handle, in that magical way she has of being in front of him when he'd least like her to be.

"Jeff." The word is more of an exhale than a greeting, but her cheeks are pink and it's clear she ran across the quad to reach him.

"Annie. To what do I owe this pleasure." His hands are on her shoulders, ferrying her into the warm building that has coffee and noises that scare away the cartoon birds he's rather certain follow her around.

"Did you get my e-mail?"

"About how I need to take Statistics 201 if I have any hope at succeeding at life? Yes. I found your prose inspired, but unfortunately, one semester of Professor SleepsNotWithStudents was enough. I don't need a daily remember of what I'm never going to have."

"Eww, and no. I was talking about that; I was talking about being my debate partner again. So, have you thought about it?"

Jeff has stopped in front of the sad excuse for a cafe Greendale presents; one because it's there, and two, because he doesn't need to tell Annie, that, yes, he has thought about being her debate partner - especially if they win all of their debates by her making out with him.

"Not really. I mean, there is an appeal to winning things and making out with you," she flushes deeply, "but since I figured that wasn't really what debate is, I was thinking on passing. Hi, yeah, can I get a cappuccino with two extra shots?"

Her face has contorted, and he's already two sips into his nirvana in a cup before she asks, "So you'll do it if you can win and make out with me?" Her voice cracking at the end of the sentence.

And it's only now that he realizes that he did in fact tell Annie that making out with her was an excellent reason to be in debate - an excellent and, unfortunately, honest reason. "I mean, I'm not too worried about the winning part - I was a lawyer, and I can still work those skills even in a ridiculously contrived setting, but the other part seemed more farfetched."

He's not sure how much that helped him - it's seeming like not at all - but he's not sure how fast he can down his boiling coffee so that his brain will start to kick in and help.

"But... making out with me would make joining debate okay?"

It's moments like these (moments that never happened to him when he was a lawyer) that make him wonder what Greendale Community College has done to him. In his past life, he would have had somewhere else to be or an excellent reason why Annie should make out with him.

Now, he's left staring into confused green eyes and an inexplicable (and adorable) half-"oh" face while he awkwardly clutches a pretty terrible, yet still well caffeinated, cappuccino while floundering on what to say. "Listen, Annie -"

Except, she's not listening. She's moving, her hair and scarf all a-blur again. Her hands are on the collar of his shirt, and holy shit, she's kissing him again. She's all lips and spice and just a bit of hesitation.

It's just like the debate kiss - right down to his brain thinking things it really shouldn't be - except this time, when his hands go to clutch her hips, and he leans down just enough to even out his freakish tallness (or her inherent midgetness), she doesn't pull away triumphantly.

In fact, she pulls harder on his collar - one hand slipping behind his neck - and he thinks that he'd promise to be her Spanish transcriber or help her color code her Algebra notes or see an accounting tutor even though Professor Whitman gave him an A. Anything, really, to persuade Annie to kiss him like this more often.

"Oh my... Abed!"

Annie's head has come to rest in the hollow right underneath his neck, and he's acutely aware of the still warm cappuccino soaking his shoes as Shirley and Abed stare on in stunned and reflective silence, respectively.

"Hey guys..."

Greendale has killed all of his coolness because he again finds himself without anything to say, and the only way it could be worse is if Dean Pelton starts one of his many campus wide announcements in his awkward pause.

"Jeff and I weren't making out - it was more like a friendly exchange of spit between two, uh, pals. And close pals do stuff like that for each other all the time. Right?" Her voice cracks on the last word.

Shirley shakes her head while Abed nods, and Jeff so doesn't want to know. "Look, Annie and I were, uh, exchanging spit - as friends are wont to do - and if that makes you uncomfortable, I'm sorry. Because I think this might happen more often than not now."

"It is?"

"Well, yeah, of course."

And her face, so questioning and surprised, breaks out into such a large smile with her hands clutched together just underneath her scarf that he just smiles goofily back.

"Oh! That's nice!"

"This is unexpected. Like when it turns out that Willow was a lesbian and even her love of Oz couldn't turn her straight again - fans really liked Oz so that was hard, but then they came to like Tara as well - evidenced by the strong fandom reaction-"


"Yes, Jeff?"

"Shut up."


"Thank you. I wonder if being assaulted by lips is grounds for the cafe bar to give me a free cappuccino."

Annie smiles. "I bet it is, and if it's not, I'll make it up to you."

"Is that a promise?"

For a second she almost looks unsure, before she nods. "It's a guarantee."
2nd-Jan-2010 05:08 am (UTC)
Oooooh, this was wonderful! Loved it so, so much. Especially Annie's ability to make Jeff feel completely awkward. And then the smiles at the end! Oh, so adorable.
2nd-Jan-2010 07:59 am (UTC)
"Oh! That's nice!"

...is pretty much how I'd sum up my reaction! Very sweet and cute and in character. I loved your Jeff and how well you understood him - that really showed through. Your Abed, like show Abed, was hilarious and I enjoyed the Buffy reference. :D

Great job!
2nd-Jan-2010 09:46 pm (UTC)
Loved it! (especially Jeff kicking himself over Greendale sapping his coolness).

And of course I appreciated the Buffy reference. I'm guessing you were going to finish "but then they came to like Tara as well - evidenced by the strong fandom reaction" with "to her death" right? I CRIED SO HARD when that happened.
2nd-Jan-2010 10:56 pm (UTC)
I logged onto the Jeff/Annie group for a quick second before work this morning just to see if there was anything new, and I got so excited when I saw there was! The thought of your fic waiting for me at home got me through the day. And it was so worth it, this is a wonderful fic!
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