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shadow lies -- a personal fiction journal
"it's all in the face (what he sees and what she says)," agent 99, g 
24th-Jun-2008 10:59 pm
han# hannibalabigail - hold on tight
title. it's all in the face (what he sees and what she says)
rating. g
characters. agent 99, max smart
originally written. june 24, 2008
spoilers/warnings. minimal spoilers for get smart and yes this makes the most sense if you have seen the movie
summary. mommy's little girl with fresh cheeks and honest eyes and a spunky smile.
disclaimer. i don't own a thing. these characters and ideas belong to people much more creative than i.

She had her mother's face.

She lost her innocence like that. Mommy's little girl with fresh cheeks and honest eyes and a spunky smile.

A broken heart and a tattoo about traitors and breaking.

But she has a new face - younger, smarter, sexier, cloudier.

She even feels younger, all 26 years and new starts.

But her heart still beats a tune of broken endings and fractured lives.

He smiles though, bumbling foolishness and heart-wrenching trust.

She wants to scream that this (the face he sees) is not real and someone will break him if he's not careful.

He mentions youth and beauty and how he seems to lack everything she has.

Maybe because she really isn't 26 (or maybe because she *is*) she finds all his lackings up to par.

So she lets him in on her secret. Even as he scoffs, she can feel his eyes reappraising, recataloging what he knows.

If he knows (about her mother's face with it's fresh cheeks and honest eyes - her smile is still spunky after all), then maybe he'll believe.

He'll believe that even though her face is younger, smarter, sexier, cloudier, her heart is still all scattered dreams and deadly twists.

And he doesn't deserve that.

But if he doesn't, it does matter that her face isn't her mother's.

Because she is younger, all 26 years and new starts, and new starts that end in tragedy (it's the fate of an old heart in a new body).

A tragedy that ends with him broken and red and the end of all her innocence (just because they took away the years doesn't mean they took the scars too).

She had her mother's face.

(If he could see that, she thinks that will save him and maybe her too.)
(Deleted comment)
27th-Jun-2008 02:56 am (UTC)

That pretty much sums up the movie; charming and much better than it should have been (thank God for amazing actors, right?)
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