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shadow lies -- a personal fiction journal
"music notes and mood swings," nathan stark, g 
17th-Sep-2008 11:23 pm
han# hannibalabigail - hold on tight
title. music notes and mood swings
rating. g
characters. nathan stark and kevin blake
originally written. september 17, 2008
spoilers/warnings. general knowledge of eureka but no real spoilers otherwise, set pre-series
summary. he traded in his violin for goggles and a white coat (something his mother never quite got over).
disclamer. i don't own a thing, it all belongs to sci-fi and nbc universal; i'm just playing
a/n. so i haven't written in forever and i've never written in this fandom before, but despite it all, i am just glad to have finally finished something!

Nathan began his undergraduate career as a music prodigy.

"Fifteen years old and limitless potential," his violin professor told his proud but nervous mother upon the day of his first recital.

It wasn't until his second semester when he took a physics class that he realized his interests spread beyond simple sound waves and moved into all kinds of waves, particles and charges.

He went home that summer and told his mother. She was supportive but quiet.

He traded in his violin for goggles and a white coat (something his mother never quite got over).

Allison mentions giving Kevin music lessons when he turns five.

Nathan says it might be a good idea, citing tests done with autism and the fine arts.

At five, Kevin can't choose his own instrument so, Alli chooses for him - she picks the piano.

Nathan waits in the car outside the house during Kevin's first lesson ("I have a meeting with the DoD about the fire last week. You don't mind, do you?").

Eight minutes into the lesson and the little old lady Allison found to teach her son is frantically rapping on his window. "I don't know what to do."

Kevin's curled in a ball on the edge of the piano bench, and even though Nathan feels his blood pressure rising, is this woman a complete fool Chopsticks has no musical quality and it's loud, he manages to remain calm. If just for Kevin.

"Hey buddy." His hand settles on Kevin's shoulder, and the muscles tighten and clench before they begin to relax, second by second.

Ten minutes pass, ten minutes of blissful silence because even though she was idiotic enough to play the piano loudly for this child, she figured out her mistake not long after she made it.

Kevin slowly uncurls on the piano bench, and he offers his hand. It's small and tentative, but he takes it - so small in his large hand.

"We're going home, Kevin. Thank you Mrs. Lind, but we won't be returning."

Kevin walks at his side, and he clenches his jaw and fights off the anger because it's not Kevin's fault, and it's really not hers either.

It's his and Alli's and maybe a little bit more his because he knew knew how loud the piano could be.


"Yeah, Kevin?"

"Do I have to play the piano again?"

"Not if you don't want to."

"Can I draw instead?"

"Anything you want."

Kevin settles into the backseat and hums on the way home.

When Alli asks how it went, he just says that the piano isn't for Kevin.

When there isn't much left but a few terse words and loud arguments, he sits on the floor of Kevin's room.

Kevin draws, pictures of streets and children and fountains, places that Nathan truly believes exist somewhere, not just inside Kevin's mind.

Nathan, he plays the violin, the one he left in the closet twenty five years ago for Einstein and fusion and small little specks of nothing.

He was a music prodigy once, dreams of Mozart and Brahms and concert halls full of people.

Now he sits with a different prodigy; one that's not his son but not really not either, and for the first time he understands why his mother hid her tears when he told her he wasn't going to make music anymore.

Because if Kevin ever wasn't Kevin, quiet spells, mood swings and pencil sketchings from his mind, he might just cry a little too.

Feedback is love!
18th-Sep-2008 05:52 am (UTC)
... I loved this. Seriously.

People never really explore Nathan's inner personalty enough, sort of just leaving him as his projected personality. I think he has a tenderness that doesn't get explored, especially when it comes to Kevin, although it could be drawn out by the right people.

Once I started writing in this fandom I couldn't stop, and if you're going to keep this up, I hope you end up the same way. :-)
18th-Sep-2008 08:47 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much!

Nathan fascinates me quite a bit (although, I do love all the other characters as well), but especially his relationship with Kevin. It's never stated that Nathan basically is Kevin's father, and with all the season two scenes focusing on them, I was surprised to see more people hadn't picked up on that.

I do hope to write more.
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